Ecological Restoration

Drafting ImageThe certificate in Ecological Restoration trains students for a practical ecological application of appropriate techniques for a variety of ecological restoration projects. The projects may be carried out by industry or government agencies and may have specific legal requirements for implementation and proof of success. Students completing the certificate may be hired by local, county, state, or federal government; private consulting firms; or subcontractors hired by any of these agencies.

Employment Opportunities:

Ecological Restoration Technician
California Fish & Game
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Non Governmental Agencies & Organizations
Nature Conservancy
Audubon Society
Private Consulting Firms
Wildlife Biologist
Conservation Biologist
County, State & Federal Parks
Park Ranger
Park Groundskeeper

For more information, please contact our staff below.

Morgan Barrows   View profile information for Morgan Barrows  Preview personal webpage for Morgan Barrows
Department Chair
Ecological Restoration Instructor
(949) 582-4624
John Richards  View profile information for John Richards
Lab Technician, Instructor
(949) 582-4579