Faculty Development Funding

Next Funding Cycle Deadline: Friday, May 2, 2014 for May/June/July/August conferences

Due by NOON in AGB #122


  • August 30 - September/October Conferences
  • September 27 - October/November Conferences
  • October 25 - November/December Conferences
  • December 2 - January/February Conferences
  • January 24 - February/March Conferences
  • February 21 - March/April Conferences
  • March 21 - April/May Conferences
  • May 2 - May/June/July/August Conferences

The Faculty Development Committee wants to remind you that Friday, May 2, 2014 is the final deadline (for 2013-2014 Academic Year) to submit a funding request for conferences held in May, June, July or August.

Remember: No after-the-fact funding is given.

Note:  Effective January 2014, funding maximum has increased to: $1,200 for full-time faculty; $600 for associate faculty.

Note: Faculty on sabbatical are not eligible to receive Faculty Development Funds. Please see the Academic Employee Master Agreement.

Please remember to attach all documentation that applies.

The committee does not require the Request to Attend Conference form (below) and is not part of the funding request; therefore, IF your division requires this form, please send separately for Vice President's signature and we will return it once signed.

Please remember to attach all original itemized receipts and submit within 30 days after your conference or workshop to AGB 122.