Outreach Student Ambassadors & Gaucho Guides

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors program is also housed out of the Outreach office. Student Ambassadors are student leaders who participate in high school and community outreach events, recruiting events and other campus events, give campus tours, conduct workshops and classroom presentations regarding the services that are offered to Saddleback College students. Student Ambassadors are students who provide help and accurate information for new students attending Saddleback College. Benefits for becoming a Student Ambassador are:

  • Gain Leadership Experience - Develop leadership through training and conducting campus tours, sharing your enthusiasm and positive Saddleback College experiences with new or incoming students.
  • Gain Communication Skills - Help plan College events, participate in the promotion and advancement of the Student Ambassador Program.
  • Gain Volunteer Experience - Gain experience in the community by organizing volunteer opportunities for yourself and others.

In order to become a Student Ambassador one must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA at Saddleback College and submit the Application Form to The Student Outreach Office. (AGB 130).

Gaucho Guides

Saddleback College "Gaucho Guides" provide information regarding class and administrative office locations, parking information assistance and other campus information to all Saddleback College students during the first few weeks of each semester. Gaucho Guides are seasonal paid positions. For more information on becoming a Gaucho Guide please contact the Student Outreach Office at 949-582-4218.