This section contains narratives and video interviews of Saddleback College faculty and administrators.

This section contains written responses from faculty and administrators who replied to an invitation to share their memories and experiences of their years at Saddleback College.

Dixie Bullock, Bill Kelly, Lynn Wells Nelson, Kathie Hodge, Mark Schiffelbein, Jan Duquette, Vern Hodge.



Kathie Hodge, Mark Schiffelbein, Lynn Wells Nelson, Dixie Bullock, Bill Kelly, Vern Hodge.





Lynn Wells Nelson, Jan Duquette, Bill Kelly, Dixie Bullock, Kathie Hodge, Mark Schiffelbein.





Pete Espinosa, Claire Elkins, Vince McCullough, Matt Suarez, Terri Whit, Cal Nelson







Bob Jacobsen, Carol Bander, Gita Satyendra, Terry Robinson, Connie Harrington, Terry & Mary Hall






Terri Whitt, Vince McCullough, Matt Suarez, Cal Nelson