Faculty Resources & Embedded Tutoring

The following information is for Saddleback College faculty.

Student Referrals

Faculty are responsible for referring their students to the Tutoring Center through the Student Referral Form. Please remind students that they must register for TU300.

Student Referral Form

Tutoring Services

  • Tutoring by appointment 
  • Drop-in tutoring 
  • Online live tutoring
  • DLAs
  • PASS
  • TOEFL workshops

Embedded Tutoring

Embedded tutors specialize in a specific course each semester, assisting faculty and students both in the classroom and in the Tutoring Center. Embedded tutors attend class on a semi-regular basis and can dedicate some of their hours in the Tutoring Center for students from that class. 

Faculty requests for an embedded tutor should be sent to department chairs prior to the start of the next semester. Please email Christina Hinkle for the request link.

Embedded Tutoring Best Practices - coming soon

Tutor Referrals

Faculty can also recommend a student for a tutoring position in their subject area. 

Faculty Recommendation Form