Transfer Center News

CSU Long Beach Transfer Admission Workshops

The workshop will focus on Spring & Fall 2015 applicants, we will also provide an in depth overview on general transfer admission requirements for students who wish to start planning in advance.

Due to the high demand for individual appointments and online transcript evaluation along with our limited staffing and resources, we are unable to schedule individual appointments. We are recommending students attend our Transfer Admission Workshops to have all of their questions answered. 

SDSU Announces MyMap- An Easy Guide for Students to Complete their Degree Requirements in Four Years!

Welcome to MyMap!

"MyMAP" is not only an easy guide for students to complete their degree requirements in four years, it offers transfer students the added benefit of researching which courses should be completed prior to applying to SDSU. The course sequencing of MyMAP aligns with the courses offered each semester at SDSU, adheres to all prerequisite requirements, and maximizes any overlap between General Education and preparation for the major courses.


We know that this can be a time of both great excitement and of extreme disappointment for students. We hope that the second annual RACC Application Deadline Report may alleviate some stress. There are still many options open to transfer students - over half of the RACC schools are still accepting applications!

The report can be found on the RACC home page, or simply click the link below.