Campus Flyer Posting

Flyers are removed the last business day of the month.

* The stamp of approval is no longer required on flyers.

Note: You may post flyers in the designated areas on the Map
(posting areas are marked with stars).

You must bring a staple gun or tacks as tape will not work.  

  • Flyers can be posted on the bulletin board outside the bookstore.
  • Flyers can be posted on the SM/BGS bridge going up the other side of the library.
  • Flyers can be posted on the bulletin board down by the pool across from the baseball field.


For Clubs:

If you wish to post flyers in or surrounding a building or on the window of any office or student room, the appropriate division office needs to be asked:

Building Contact
BGS 2nd Floor Anthony Teng
BGS 3rd Floor Cadence Wynter
Fine Arts Bart McHenry
Health Sciences Donna Rane-Szostak
Math, Science & Engineering Christopher McDonald
Library Kevin O'Connor, Patricia Flanigan
Physical Education Tony Lipold
Student Services Center Terence Nelson, Jerilyn Chuman
Technology & Applied Sciences Don Busche