Application Tips for Online Students


Application Tips for Online Students


When you apply to Saddleback College through CCC Apply (link is external), it is important to select the correct educational goal.  This is especially true when you are taking online or hybrid courses as a supplement to your job training or 4-year university/college bachelor degree requirements.

Students do NOT need to complete the matriculation process (which includes an on campus component) if they are taking additional courses to achieve these goals:

  • 4-year university/college student taking courses to meet 4-year college requirements (Student is currently enrolled at a 4-year college)
  • Maintain certificate or license. (Already has a license)
  • Educational Development (Personal enrichment or for fun)

Please be advised:  Students not completing the matriculation process will be ineligible to receive financial aid and will receive no priority in registration.

To learn more about the Matriculation Process, click here.

To apply for Saddleback College, click here. (link is external)