Construction of New Sciences Building—Parking Lot 5 Closure

Beginning Saturday, November 9th, 2013, parking lot 5 will be closed to enable the construction of a new sciences building. During construction, which will take approximately two years, the entire parking lot 5 will be closed.parkingmap_3.jpg

A new additional temporary parking facility has been identified to mitigate the loss of parking spots, and will be available beginning of spring 2014. Student parking lot 5A will remain open during construction.

The new sciences facility will serve students, faculty and staff, and allow Saddleback College to build on a tradition of excellence and innovation. This building has been designed to achieve LEED gold certification, a designation of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, rated for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of green buildings.

The Board of Trustees, District Services and Saddleback College appreciates everyone’s patience and understanding during the construction process.