Placement Appeals & Challenges

Assessment Exam Waiting Periods


Students may repeat the CTEP Reading assessment exam given by the Matriculation Office after six (6) months has passed.


Students may repeat the CTEP English assessment exam given by the Matriculation Office after six (6) months has passed.


A student may retake the same MDTP math exam given by the Matriculation office once every 3 months. Students may elect to take a higher or lower level test without a waiting period.

Reading Placement Appeal

Students that do not meet the Reading Competency requirement on the CTEP reading exam may appeal their reading placement with the Reading Lab before the waiting period. They will provide an alternate exam to students as an appeal to their CTEP Reading placement or to fulfill the Reading Competency for an AA/AS degree. Students must request a referral from the Matriculation Office before attempting this appeal.

English Placement Appeal

Women Studying If the student believes that the placement recommendation is not indicative of his/her abilities, the student may appeal their English placement before the waiting period by taking the Writing Sample exam. The Writing Sample is an exam where the student will read a prompt/passage and write a short essay answering the prompt. If the student elects to take the writing sample test, it will be the one and only time they can appeal their English placement results.

Writing Sample Test Dates

Important things to remember:

  • We CANNOT use high school transcripts as an English placement appeal.
  • You can only use the Writing Sample appeal process one time.
  • Once you attempt the appeal you cannot take the regular assessment exam again. This is a final appeal.
  • Writing Sample exams can take up to 5 business days to score so please plan ahead.

Math Placement Challenge using High School Transcripts

High School Math ChallengeStudents may challenge their math placement by submitting official or unofficial high school transcripts (report cards are not accepted) showing completed course work in Algebra I, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Math Analysis, or AP Calculus with a grade of C or better.

Challenge Requirements:

  • Math course sequences must be complete. i.e. Alg 1A & 1B
  • Math courses must have a grade of C or better (C- grades are not accepted).
  • Math courses taken in adult education or summer school can NOT be used for this challenge.
  • Continuation schools or any high school that does not instruct from the District curriculum will NOT be accepted.

High school transcripts can be used as a challenge only after a student has completed one of the math assessment exams or has turned in other alternative evidence for math course evaluation. The Math department holds the right to deny this challenge based on when and where the courses to be evaluated have been taken.

Note:The Math Challenge form is required when sending official or unofficial high school transcripts to the Matriculation Office.

Important Things to Remember:

  • Students must either take the assessment exam or have math alternative evidence evaluated before they can try the High School Math Challenge.
  • Only grades of C or better in each math course sequences can be used for the High School Math Challenge. (course sequences with grades of C- or lower cannot be used)
  • Math course sequences must be complete. i.e must have all 4 semesters of Alg 1 A/B.
  • High school Geometry classes cannot be used for the math challenge process.
  • The math challenge process will take a minimum of 5 business days to complete so please submit your request at least 2 weeks prior to your registration period.