Phlebotomy Program

This class has limited enrollment with only accepted MLT students who have completed their first year of the MLT Program. We are extremely limited to space due to availabilty of clinical site placement.

phl4.jpgOur phlebotomy program is approved by State of California - Health and Human Services Agency. The Department responsible for approval of Phlebotomy Programs is the CA Department of Public Health, Laboratory Field Services. Be sure to check their website, not all schools are approved by Laboratory Field Services to instruct a course for CPT 1s.

The phlebotomy curriculum prepares the student for employment as a Phlebotomist in a hospital, laboratory, or clinic setting. The training is designed to prepare students to collect specimens and do venipunctures.

Limited Enrollment

Students must be in the Medical Lab Technician Program and completed their first year.

Minimum Qualificationsphl6.jpg

  • Must be 18 years old
  • High School or GED
  • Valid CPR for Healthcare Workers prior to clinical
  • Physical/Immunizations prior to clinical
  • Pass the Background Check prior to clinical (cannot be on probation)
  • Ability to work at a clinical site for 2-3 weeks during regular daytime hours

Clinical Work Experience (CWE)

Enrollment in CWE 180 (Cooperative Work Experience: Phlebotomist) is taken within the PHLB 240 class and will provide the necessary 120 hours of clinical experience required to complete this program. The CWE is completed at a lab/hospital within close proximity of the college and available Monday-Friday only. You may only complete the CWE at a lab/hospital in which we have a contract. Liability Insurance, healthcare provider CPR card, a back ground check and a physical exam are required to be completed prior to your clinical experience. These requirements will be outlined in the first class session with appropriate paperwork. Successful completion of both PHLB 240 (Phlebotomist Procedures) and CWE 180 will lead to certification as a Phlebotomist.


Other Phlebotomy Programs available in California.

Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) Requirement

Cover Letter-Requirements

Certified Background Website

Insurance Instructions

Medical Forms Page 1

Medical Forms Pages 2-5

Phlebotomy Testing by NCCT

Professional Behaviors Release

Phlebotomy Licensing Test - NCCT website



Asmita Bhakta, CLS
Department Chair
(949) 582-4387

Ashish Patel, CLS, BB
Associate Faculty