Strategies for Success in My Online Class
  1. Before reading each chapter, review the power point lecturefirst  then read     the chapter and rewiew the power point lecture again and  be sure to take notes.
  2. Do not get behind with your class work, it will very difficult to catch up. You will be doing current work and work that you are behind in at the same time. It will be too much informattion to try to learn at the same time.
  3. Plan ahead. Take a look at the entire 8 week schedule. Some weeks there is only one chapter to read and an exam. Some weeks there are 2 chapters to read and an exam. Stratergize and organize you study time ahead of shedule.
  4. Set aside extra time to study for and exam. Pay attention to the exam schedule and mark the dates.
  5. Take your exams as early as possible. What if something unexpected cpmes up What if something goes wrong when you are taking your exam.
  6. Use the student lounge to exchange ideas, ask questions and get clarity and explanations from fellow classmates.
  7. Use the Wikki as a study aid to help you prepare for exams.
  8. Make sure that you complete all of the Interactivities. Take them more than one time. Check to see what questions you got wrong. Study again  and understand why you got them wrong. Take them until you score no less than 80% .
  9. Read the true/false questions to see what correct information is important. Read the multiple choice questions to see what some of the choices that are not the correct answer are referring to about the subject matter.