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    I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA. I spent my first two year of college at Santa Barbara City College. During those two years, I played on the women’s soccer team, worked abroad in Dublin, Ireland, and studied abroad in Florence, Italy.  I received my A. A. in Liberal Arts from S.B.C.C. May 1999.  Spending 20 years in paradise, I of course took it for granted and decided I wanted to leave the state for the last two years of my undergraduate career. I chose the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for their geography program and the love of college basketball. The south was a major cultural change for a native southern California but has benefited me as a geography professor in many ways. I received my B. A. in geography May 2001. From Chapel Hill, I took a job at the Chicago Area Transportation Study (CATS) as a GIS analyst and transportation planner. My two years in Chicago were amazing and fed my love for urban geography.  But like a true native Californian, I could only last through two winters before I had to head home. I moved to Long Beach during the summer of 2003 to attend CSU-LB where I obtained my M. A. in geography December 2005.

    I began my community college teaching career fall 2004. Between fall 2004 and summer 2007, I defined the term ‘freeway flyer’. After part-time teaching at seven different community colleges in Los Angeles and Orange counties, I obtained a full-time position at San Bernardino Valley College. One year later, I obtained a full-time geography position at Saddleback College.     I teach the breadth of introductory geography courses including Physical Geography Lecture and Laboratory, Cultural Geography and World Regional Geography. Soon, I plan on offering a Geography Field Studies course.  My main geographical interests are Human, Urban, Medical, Environmental, and Sports Geography.

   Currently I am a board member for the California Geographical Society (CGS) and am a member of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers (APCG).