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Geography Courses:

GEOG 1: Physical Geography Lecture

Focuses on the basic physical elements of gography: Earth - Sun Relationships, wather, climate, landorms, soils, water and natural vegetation, and their integrated patterns of world distribution.

Example Syllabus: GEOG 1


GEOG 1L: Physical Geography Laboratory


Must be taken concurrently with GEOG 1 or after completing GEOG 1.

An earth environment laboratory that explains in greater depth the ideas and relationships of physical geography. Stresses the scientific method in interpreting Earth-sun relations; time; earth representation through globes and maps; weather (temperature, moisture, pressure and winds); climate; natural vegetation; soils and landform evolution by tectonic forces, erosion and deposition.

Example Syllabus

I am currently not teaching Geog 1L


GEOG 2: Cultural Geography Lecture

Introduction to social and political elements of geography and a survey of major cultural patterns.

Example Syllabus: GEOG 2 or GEOG 2 Hybrid

Example Syllabus: GEOG 2 On-line

Example Syllabus: GEOG 2 Honors or GEOG 2 Honors Hyrbid

GEOG 3: World Regional Geography

Introduction to the world's geographical regions and major countries with an emphasis on human cultural patterns and their evolution in diverse physical environments.

Example Syllabus

I am currently not teaching Geog 3.

GEOG 102: Geography Field Studies

A lecture and laboratory field course to study the physical and cultural geography of Western North America. Thematic emphasis and course content will vary depending on location.

Example of Death Valley Syllabus: GEOG 102

Example of Owens Valley Syllabus: coming soon