Course Syllabus

l. Mid-term "mini" paper - This paper will be typed double spaced, 3-5 pages long. Topics will deal with current media-related issues. Possible topics will be discussed in class lectures. Students will show evidence of college-level research. The papers will include a bibliography and some formal style for attributing material taken from other sources. Students should check with instructor to make sure topic is media related

50 points.

2. Mid-term exam - objective and essay questions. All questions will be reviewed in class before test. 200 points.

3. Term project - This written project will be 8- 10 pages in length, typed double-spaced. It will consist primarily of field research, personal interviews and some library research. Emphasis is on covering an Orange County media source. You will report on a newspaper, magazine, radio or TV station, printer, graphic arts, public relations , advertising business or other media-related business. I want this project to be something valuable to your specific media interests. Instructor has examples of past class projects to serve as models. Again check with the instructor before interview to make sure the business meets the "media-related business" requirement of the assignment 25 percent of final grade. 250 points.

4. Class participation - includes short written assignments, class discussion and attendance. 300 points.

5. Final exam - 200 points.

Grading is based on accumulation of points.
Final grade based on straight percentage scale.
ie. 70% C, 80% B, 90% A.

Attendance is important in this class. Because lecture notes, video information and handouts play a vital role, it is essential that you miss a minimum of class time. It is a good idea to get the phone number of a classmate in case you need to get lecture notes for material missed when you are absent. As per district board policy, each student is allowed as many excused absences as times the course meets per week. In this course you will be allowed two excused absences, subsequent absences will affect your class participation grade. oIn this class, at the instructor's discretion, two tardies may equal one absence and affect your class participation grade.

All students, in this course, must take the final exam. Any missed assignments, will result in zero points unless prior arrangements are made with the instructor. Late assignments will receive fewer points than those handed in on time.

For more information or questions, please contact
Professor J. Mike Reed at (949) 582-4368