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Child Development  

CDES 115: Language and Literacy

Recommended Preparation CDES 101, 110, ENG 200

Catalog Description

Presents the theory and techniques for developing curriculum in the areas of language development, literacy skills, and uses of literature for young children.

Lecture and activities will be conducted online. Students will be responsible for finding young children in school or home settings to observe and interact with periodically throughout the course.

Activity Writing is based on the skills developed in CDES 110 Early Childhood Curriculum and Practice I. Students who have not yet completed this course may be at a disadvantage for many of the assignments.

Required Text and Supplies

1. Literacy: The Creative Curriculum Approach

By Cate Heroman, Candy Jones
292 Pages, 2004, Paperback
Teaching Strategies, Inc.
ISBN: 1-879537-87-7

2. Helping Young Children Learn Language and Literacy

Birth through Kindergarten

2nd edition

Carol Vukelich, James Christie, Billie Enz



ISBN  978 0 205 53267 4

3. You will need a camera to take pictures of several assignments. You can use a digital and attach files, or you can use a film camera and send photos. Either works just fine.

4. You will also need several large envelopes to send your larger projects to me for grading.

Textbook Lending Program for CDES Majors Only

If you:

  1. Are a Child Development & Educational Studies Major at Saddleback College
  2. Currently work with children ages 0-5
  3. Can come to the campus for pick up

You are eligible for a text loan for the duration of the class. If you qualify, complete the book loan request on the CDES website.

You may email the form to btamialis@saddleback.edu or drop it off to office BGS 103

You must be able to pick books up from campus.

Requests must be received 2 weeks before class begins!


This course is a full 3 unit course taught on a compressed 8 week schedule.  All of the reading and assignments that would normally be spread over a 16 week time frame are still required. If you are planning your time, you need to plan double the amount of time per week for an 8 week class than you would for a 16 week course. I recommend that students take no more than two 8 week courses at a time.



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