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Laura Vidal-Prudholme


Child Development



CD 105

Child, Family & Community

This course is intended to examine the scientific study of socialization of children through the family, childcare, school, peer group, and community with the context of culture, economics, religion and change. Theories of socialization will be examined.

Required Text:

  • TITLE:Child, Family & Community
  • AUTHOR:Gonzalez-Mena
  • EDITION:5th
  • PUBLISHER:Pearson Education
  • ISBN:9780135132302


Spring 2011

Internet class #80055 starts 1/10/2011

Internet class #80060 starts 3/21/2011

In class #18925 Tuesday nights 7 - 9:50 p.m. in BGS 134

starts 2/1/2011



Children learn through the lens of their family, community, culture, etc. What do you think these children are learning in Zambia, Africa?