CD 110: Introduction to Early


Childhood Curriculum


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TB Test


Before beginning lab hours you must provide a copy of a negative skin or chest x-ray

TB test. If you do not have a current TB (within one year) you may make an appointment with the

health center (no charge) to complete this requirement. If you are doing your lab hours at a site other then the Saddleback Child Development Center, please fax or mail me a copy of your tb test for your file.  Those doing their lab hours at the Center must either have your tb test done at the Health Center or bring your TB Clearance record to them. They will give you a yellow approval slip which you will give to me directly.




Summer 2010

This course starts 5/24 and ends 8/15 and is a completely online course. You must purchase the textbooks, be familiar with Blackboard (Do Student Tutorials if not familiar) and be able to complete 30 lab hours of time with preschool aged children throughout the course. This comes out to about 2 and 1/2 hours per week. You will need to observe and interact with children age 3 - 5 during that time. A TB test is also required, so take care of this BEFORE class starts! See note to left.


Catalog Description

The study of developmentally appropriate practices and the role of play in the areas of curriculum, guidance, and learning environments for early childhood education. Students will develop skills in writing basic activity plans and participate at an introductory level with young children three to five years. DS 3


Recommended Prep: ENG 200, ENG 340, CD 7/PSYC 7


Required Texts:

Developmentally Appropriate Practice:Best Practices in Early Childhood Education, 4th Edition

Marjorie J. Kostelnik, Anne K. Soderman, Alice P. Whiren (ISBN# 0132390930)

Use Your Words, 1st Edition Carol Garhart Mooney

(ISBN# 9781929610679)


Student Learning Objectives

1. Participate in developmentally appropriate interactions with children.
2. Demonstrate one or more ways to extend play.
3. Explore various curriculum planning formats.
4. Inventory and evaluate one or more learning centers.
5. Utilize developmentally appropriate learning centers with children.
6. Create an effective learning center in one or more curricular areas.
7. Demonstrate developmentally appropriate lesson planning skills.
8. Demonstrate appropriate work habits for an early childhood professional


Assignments  for this course consist of:

  • Lab Hours  (30)
  • Written Lab Reports  (8)
  • Written Activity Plans  (5)
  • Learning Center Project
  • Curriculum Models Research


Lab Hours

This course requires 30 hours of on-site lab time. The Saddleback College Child Development Center is the primary location for lab placement. Placement with a Mentor Teacher is the secondary choice. Other sites may be approved by the instructor.

Alternative sites will only be considered if they are child care of early childhood education settings designed to serve children ages 2-5 where children come on regular schedules and there is identified curriculum planning. Sports lessons, “Mommy and Me” programs, Sunday School or fitness center child care, or any similar program are NOT acceptable settings for lab hours.

Lab hours must be spread evenly over the duration of the course and attended on a weekly basis. Students may choose their own hours and days with the following caveats:

•Each visit must be at least one hour in duration
•No more than one hour may be scheduled before 8:00 AM or after 5:00 PM
•Hours may not be scheduled during nap time
•Hours not made up within 7 calendar days of originally scheduled day will be forfeited.
•Instructor must be notified via email of absence and rescheduled date. Students are responsible for calling the Center if they will be absent or need to revise their schedule.

Saddleback College Child Development Center Lab Placement

Students must attend an orientation session at the beginning of  the semester for this placement. Arrangements for lab placement will be made at the time of orientation. Please bring T.B. clearance and availability schedule to do lab hours to the orientation. If you have any further questions, please contact the Lab Coordinator:

Bernadette Theurer

(949) 582-4958

Alternative Lab Site Placement

Students must submit an Alternative Lab Site Placement Form during the first week of class in order to have their request considered. This can be dropped off in my division mailbox in BGS 314, scanned and attached to an email, or mailed to me (Laura Vidal-Prudholme) at: 28000 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92692. Incomplete or late requests will not be considered.