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Welcome and Hello,

I am currently working for West Ed, Center for Child and Family Studies, Program for Infant and Toddler Care as an Infant Specialist, as well as my work here at Saddleback College and Victor Valley College.  My passion is "quality, respectful care for children!" I received my Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Human Development, with specializations in Early Childhood Development and Adult Learning from Pacific Oaks College,

This page will provide you with information about courses I teach and resources that I often use as an Infant Specialist.

For more information about other courses offered in the Child Development department, or to find information about Saddleback College Certificates, State of California Permits, tuition reimbursements or the mentor program, click this link.



Classes I teach at Saddleback:


CD 127 – Adult Supervision and Mentor Practices

Units – 2



A study of the methods and principles of supervising student teachers, assistant teachers, parents, and volunteers in early childhood or school-age centers. Emphasis is on the role of a mentor. Satisfies adult supervision requirement for Child Development Permit and eligibility to apply for the California Mentor Teacher Program(formerly CDES 127).


CD 133 – Infant and Toddler Curriculum and Group Care

Units – 3

History and types of care for infants and toddlers.  Focuses on developmentally appropriate curriculum and environments for infant and toddler group care.  Caregiver roles and parent relationships will also be discussed (formally CDES 133).

CD 123 - Infant and Toddler Development

Units - 3

Development and behavior in children from conception to age three. Characteristic social, physical, and sensorimotor behavior patterns of infants and toddlers in relation to the environment will be explored through theory and direct observation (formerly CDES 123).