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Child Development and Education  
CD 117- Teaching in a Diverse Society

Course Description:

Presents current research and best practices for teaching literacy in early childhood settings serving children ages 0-5. Material selection, integrated activities, indoor and outdoor environments and assessment methods will be covered (formerly CDES 115).

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Critique theories and review the multiple impacts on young children’s social identity.
2. Analyze various aspects of children’s experience as members of families targeted by social bias considering the significant role of education in reinforcing or contradicting such
3. Critically assess the components of linguistically and culturally relevant, inclusive, age appropriate, anti-bias approaches in promoting optimum learning and development.
4. Evaluate the impact of personal experiences and social identity on teaching effectiveness.

Typical Assignments:

  • Weekly class assignments
  • School Observation
  • Family Questionnaire
  • Book Share

Required Textbooks:

Anti-Bias Education for Young Children & Ourselves

by Louise Derman-Sparks  copyright 2010

Teaching Young Children in Multicultural Classrooms

By Demelendez    4th edition

Copyright year:  2013

Publisher:Cengage Learning