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CD 115- Literacy in Early Childhood

Course Description:
Presents current research and best practices for teaching literacy in early childhood settings serving children ages 0-5. Material selection, integrated activities, indoor and outdoor environments and assessment methods will be covered (formerly CDES 115). DS3

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Recognize and plan for individual differences in 0-5 year old
children's language and literacy development.
2. Evaluate children's literature.
3. Identify aspects of the setting that promote language and literacy
development for children ages 0-5.
4. Describe methods used to integrate literacy development
opportunities across the curriculum.
5. Demonstrate oral storytelling skills, including finger plays
and flannel board stories.
6. Examine various language and literacy assessment and documentation
7. Identify the state and national standards that are related to
language and literacy development.

Typical Assignments:

  • Weekly Discussion Boards
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Major assignments:
    • Reading Activity
    • Activity Plan
    • Flannel Board Activity
    • Literacy Environment Evaluation

Required Textbooks:
Literacy: The Creative Curriculum Approach 2004
by Cate Heroman, Candy Jones
Teaching Strategies, Inc.

Helping Young Children Learn Language and Literacy 20
Birth through Kindergarten
3rd edition Carol Vukelich, James Christie, Billie Enz