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Sample syllabi

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Here are examples of syllabi for different classes - note that the syllabus for any particular class may vary from semester to semster. These files are just to give you a sense of how the classes are structured. Updated textbook information is posted separately - please check it for the most current information.

If you are enrolled in one of my classes, I will be sending out an email during the week before our class begins. The email will be sent to your Saddleback College email, so please be sure to check that email through MySite. Note that you can forward your college email to a different email address (yahoo, gmail, etc.) by following the directions on MySite.

SAMPLE Psychology 1: Introduction to Psychology, HYBRID

SAMPLE Psychology 1: Introduction to Psychology, 100% ONLINE

SAMPLE Psychology 2: Research Methods in Psychology, HYBRID

SAMPLE Psychology 3: Biological Psychology, HYBRID

SAMPLE Psychology 5: Human Sexuality, 100% ONLINE

SAMPLE Psychology 7: Developmental Psychology, 100% ONLINE

SAMPLE Psychology 16: Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology, 100% ONLINE


Frequently asked questions

What is a hybrid class?

A hybrid class is a class that combines online learning with learning in a traditional classroom.  Currently, I offer hybrid classes that have 9 hours of an online component.  We start 3 weeks later than the traditional classes, and we incorporate those 9 hours into online coursework during the semester.   It typically involves weekly online quizzes to help you prepare for the exam and discussion boards that provide an opportunity to research a topic or participate in an active learning activity.  These activities complement the class lectures each week and are designed to help you better understand and learn the material.


Is an online class for me?

Online classes are not for everyone. Students who learn best from reading (as opposed to listening to or watching lectures), are self-motivated, and feel comfortable with the online component are most likely to succeed in an online class. Saddleback College’s DE website has information for students who are new to online classes.  It includes a quiz to help you gauge whether an online class is right for you.


Do you have an in person orientation for your online classes?

No!  There are no mandatory in person meetings for my online classes.  The class orientation is done online, as are all exams and quizzes. You will need to have a solid, wired internet connection that you can access at least 2+ times a week.   I have had students log into my online classes from all over the world! :) However, you are always more than welcome to visit me on campus during my office hours, or we can even arrange phone call meetings during office hours! 


What books are you currently using?

See the textbook information page for up to date textbook information. You are welcome to check out other places to buy your textbook, as it may be less expensive online or at a different bookstore. Also note that there are websites that are designed to help you find the least expensive textbook sold online, such as:


Have more questions?  Email me at