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Spring 2015 Textbooks


Copies of all textbooks will be put on reserve at the library, available for 2 hour check out with a valid ID.

Psychology 1 online:

Psychology in Action by Karen Huffman, 11th edition, Wiley & Sons Publishing

ISBN for the loose-leaf version available at the Saddleback College bookstore: 9781119068693

Note: You can purchase or rent this book in any format. However, you will need the 11th edition for the course. Loose-leaf editions are much less expensive than hardbound copies, but you won't be able to resell it to the bookstore.

Available for purchase from the publisher's website:


Psychology 7  online:

 Child Development: An Introduction, 14th edition, by John Santrock, McGraw Hill Publishers

ISBN for regular text: 9780078035333

ISBN for Saddleback Custom edition (soft cover color): 9781121713031

ISBN for Saddleback Custom edition (soft cover black and white only): 9781121998117

Note: The bookstore has two custom versions of this textbook. The custom versions are exactly the same as the regular text (has all the same chapters) but is a soft cover. Students can choose from either a full color soft cover version, or a special black and white only (no color pictures/font) version. The custom edition is less expensive, but you won't be able to resell it to the bookstore. It does not matter which of these two versions you purchase - either the custom edition from the bookstore or the 14th edition of the regular text.


Psychology 16   online:

Psychology of Ethic Groups in the United States, by Pamela Organista, Gerardo Marin, & Kevin Chun, Sage Publications

ISBNt: 9781412915403