Saddleback faculty Barbara Tamialis
CD 120 - Observation and Assessment.

In this course you will learn to:

  • describe child behaviors and teacher-child interactions accurately and objectively within a developmental perspective
  • select effective observational techniques to observe, record and report child behavior and interactions
  • observe and analyze children's behavior
  • apply observational information in working with children through the identification and design of developmentally appropriate activities.

It is strongly reccomended that this course be taken after you have completed CD 107 and CD 110.

Assignments for this course include:

  • weekly discussions
  • five field observations
  • a midterm exam

Required texts:

Mindes, Galye, Assessing Young Children, Pearson 2011 4th Edition.  ISBN 0-13-700227-0


McAfee, Basics of Assessment, NAEYC 2004 ISBN 1-928896-18-9

Harms, Clifford and Cryer, Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale-Revised, Teacher's College Press, ISBN 0807745499

Reccomended text:

Cryer, Harms and Riley , All About the ECERS-R, Teachers College Press, ISBN 088076-610-7

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