Child Development  
CD 101  Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children

This course will focus on:

  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice. – What it is
  • The NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct
  • The role of the early childhood educator
  • Historical contexts
  • Types of curriculum in programs and the theories they represent
  • Play in childhood
  • Types of programs (infant, Toddler, Preschool, School age) – their similarities and differences.

Also, in this course we will introduce the professional portfolio.  The format of the portfolio will be established with this course and the first phase will be completed.  Each CDES course you take in the future will have a component that adds to this portfolio.


The most important thing to understand about this course is that it is a full 3 unit course taught on a compressed 8 week schedule.

All of the reading and assignments that would normally be spread over a 16 week time frame are still required.  If you are planning your time, you need to plan double the amount of time per week for an 8 week class than you would for a 16 week class.

Orientation for this class will be fully online.

Required Texts:

Early Childhood Education birth – 8, Custom California edition, Driscoll and Nagel,2009, Pearson, Allyn and Bacon.  ISBN #0-558-59857-9 (note that this book is listed with a different title and lists me as the author on the Saddleback Bookstore site.- this is just the way the publisher lists the custom version)


Basics of Developmentally Appropriate Practice by Copple and Bredekamp, NAEYC 2006, ISBN# 1-928896-26-X


Please Click here to view the syllabus and learn more about the content and course load for this class.