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About Me

Ph.D. (ABD) Sociology, University of California Riverside
M.A., Sociology, University of California Riverside, 2005
B.A., Women’s Studies, University of California Los Angeles, 2000
A.A., Speech Communications, Orange Coast College, 1997

Academic/Professional Bio
Professor Cubbage is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies.  Prior to joining Saddleback she taught at both Riverside Community College and the University of California Riverside.  Trained as a family and gender scholar, Professor Cubbage specializes in teaching courses that focus on social problems, inequality, gender and family.  She feels it is a particular honor to teach introduction to sociology, as she gets to "turn on" new students to sociology.

Professor Cubbage is passionate about being on the cutting edge of both sociological research and teaching methods and utilizes various unique teaching techniques such as student panels- facilitation groups- collaborative work- field work and pop culture to bring sociology alive. Her teaching pedagogy is to ensure her students see the practical relevance of sociology and are able to apply the concepts to everyday situations and problems, and most of all, to make learning fun!

Personal Info

Prior to entering graduate school and the world of academia, Professor Cubbage worked with Community Service Programs (CSP) as a domestic violence victim advocate and with the State of California Victims of Crime Program.  She has also worked extensively with sexual assault and domestic violence programs, including Interval House Crisis Shelters, and maintains state certification as a crisis counselor and as a state mediator.

In her "spare" time, she enjoys traveling- hiking (see above photo) and going to the beach.  She is a self proclaimed "foodie" and loves trying new and exciting cuisine and resturants. 

Honors and Awards
Society for Women in Sociology and the Society for the Study of Social Problems (joint award), 2009 Beth Hess Memorial Scholarship Honorable Mention

Dean’s Fellowship, University of California Riverside, 2002-2008

Harry S. Truman Scholar, 1999

UC Regents Scholar, 1998-2000

USA Today All-Academic Team Member, 1998