Offers women the opportunity to reassess career aspirations, to explore the current job market, and to become acquainted with successful job-hunting and career-planning techniques.

For many women, particularly those in mid-life, their focus is on transitioning from a career that they currently have to something new, or from a period of emphasis on having and raising children back into the workforce.

Text for WS 120 online class:

Coming Alive From Nine to Five in a 24/7 World: A Career Search Handbook for the 21st Century Betty Michelozzi, Betty Michelozzi, Linda Surrell, Robert Cobez

McGraw-Hill Publisher
ISBN: 0-07-284262-8

All students must also purchase a Test Packet in the Career Center before the class begins.
Cost: $60.00

This contains all of the Interest/Aptitude/Personality tests that we will be using in the class andis an absolute requirement for all students.