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Allison Camelot

I graduated with my M.A. in Sociology from Cal State University, Fullerton.  I have been teaching sociology for ten years.  I have taught at Cal State Fullerton, Cypress College, Golden West College, Saddleback College, and National University.  I have been teaching at Saddleback College for over eight years.  I was recently elected secretary of the South Orange County Community College District Faculty Associaton.  I have taught several different sociology courses including: Introduction to Sociology, Social Problems, Marriage and Family, Research Methods, Minority Group Relations, Social Inequality, Sex and Gender, Family Violence, and Juvenile Delinquency.  Currently I teach Introduction to Sociology, Marriage and Family, and Women in Contemporary Society.  I teach a couple traditional classes on campus and teach several online classes. 

I love sociology (I am a sociologist 24/7).  My goal is to have my students have a greater understanding of our society and the individuals within it.

On a personal note, my most important job is that of a mom.  I have three children: a stepson (23 years old), a son (8 years old), and a daughter (5 years old).  Needless to say I like to keep busy!

Some other bits of information:  My hobbies include: working out, reading, cooking, knitting, and playing with my kids.