Forensics Tournament Schedule



Date Event Location Invited Participants
Sept. 21 PSCFA Seminar Cerritos College Debaters & I.E.ers
Sept. 27-28 PSCFA Warm Up TBA Debaters Only
Oct. 26-27 Lancer Pasadena City College Debaters & I.E.ers (Invite Only)
Nov. 8 Palomar Palomar College Debaters & I.E.ers
Dec. 3 10-Page Papers DUE   *Only applies to 2 units/3 units students, who can't complete full tournament requirement. Look to Unit descriptions above.
Dec. 9 Public Performance McKinney Theatre *Mandatory Attendance
Dec. 6-8 PSCFA Fall Champs CSULB

Debaters (Friday/Saturday)
I.E.ers (Sunday)

Dec. 13 Intramural Tournament Saddleback College Mandatory Attendance
Jan. 11-12 Hell Froze Over University of Texas Invited I.E.ers Only
Feb. 6 Angels Scholarship Apps Due    
Feb. 7 Southwestern Inv'l Southwestern College I.E.ers
Feb. 14-16 Tabor-Venitsky/L/D Champs Cerritos College Debaters & I.E.ers
Feb. 22-24 PCSFA Spring Champs Moorpark College

Debate (Fri & Sat) I.E.ers (Sun)

Mar. 7 Public Performance McKinney Theatre *Mandatory Attendance
Mar. 10-16 CCCFA State Concord Top 20 Students Debaters & I.e.ers
Apr. 5-13 Phi Rho Pi Denver Top 14 Students Debaters & I.E.ers
Apr. TBA Interstate Oratory TBA Top Speaker
Apr. 26-27 PSCFA Cool-Off Saddleback *Mandatory Attendance
May 3-4 ARTA TBA Readers Theatre Students Only
May 12 Public Performance Saddleback *Mandatory Attendance