Career Counseling



Self Assessment:

Finding out who you are and what you want

  • What are your skills, interests, values and personality?
  • What is your idea of work and a career?
  • What do you want your career to be?

Useful Websites and Resources:




Finding out more about the world of work and your education

  • Investigate possible career fields and talk to people who work in careers that interest you.
  • Use internships, volunteer jobs, and part-time work to sample jobs and careers that interest you.
  • Research majors and careers that match your self-assessment.

Complete Career Exploration from:

Complete one of the following classes:
COUN 1 - Academic Planning
COUN 140 - Ed & Voc Planning
COUNS 160 - Career & Voc Exploration
WS 120 - Women & Careers


Decision Making:

Analyzing the information

  • Begin to define your specific career goals.
  • Make tentative career decisions.
  • Set short and long term goals that allow you to reach your chosen career.

Make an Academic and/or
Career Counseling Appointment - Visit Counseling Services:

Visit Career & Guidance Services:



Educational Planning:

Developing a plan for success

  • Researching two year and four year college programs that will allow you to reach your career goals.
  • Decide on the amount of time you are willing at attend college or program.
  • Establish a plan that allows you to complete your education and training in a time frame that works for you.

MAP - My Academic Plan

Saddleback College Catalog

Transfer Information



Job and Career Search:

Looking for a job

  • Develop a job search plan of action. 
  • Establish and use job search resources and contacts.
  • Overcome barriers and keep motivated.
  • Manage your career with an up-to-date cover letter and resume.

On Campus Resources

Off Campus Resources