Counseling Courses Help Students Determine Major

As of fall 2014, new students who want to earn a Saddleback College certificate, Associate Degree, or want to transfer must complete an Academic Plan called MAP. The MAP requires a student to declare a major prior to completing 15 units or three semesters (which ever comes first). Two counseling courses offered this fall will help new students determine their major while earning transferable credit. 

New CCCApply Admission Application Release

Saddleback College is moving to a new version of the CCCApply admissions application on June 11. This new application is faster, friendlier, and more secure. It will provide on-demand helpdesk and community support, as well as easy password recovery for students. The staff will be provided with an easy and powerful report center. CCCCApply is now owned by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and will be offered to the colleges at no cost.

OC Bridge 2 Engineering - Now Accepting Applications

The Orange County Bridge 2 Engineering Program is a small learning community at Saddleback College that seeks to increase the number of students in the engineering fields from lower math levels. Women, veterans, and minorities are encouraged to apply. Program participants will take classes together, receive academic counseling, tutoring, intensive math preparation, and paid engineering internships. Participants will explore careers in engineering and be prepared to transfer to a California State University or a University of California engineering program.

Requirements are: