Judiciary Committee


judiciary_0.jpgShall provide an unbiased oversight of the committees of ASG, their members and events, and maintaining the records of such while maintaining Attendance Records, Officer Reports, and Evaluation Records as well as putting forward potential members who have not fulfilled their job requirements and overseeing bylaws.

Meeting Time: Thursdays 3:00 - 4:00PM




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Briana Cooke
Vice President
Chair of Judiciary Committee

Hello all! My name is Briana Cooke. This is my second year at Saddleback College and I have had a wonderful experience so far. School, ASG, and my two jobs are my main priorities but in my free time I like to travel somewhere new and play instruments such as viola and guitar. My major is Communications and we are very fortunate here to have Communication Studies. I love the Saddleback campus and how dedicated the faculty and staff are to aiding in student success. Our ASG is 100% dedicated to representing the students and making this the best possible place to further your education. I feel so fortunate to be able to participate in making the Saddleback Campus a great place to be. Thank you!!

Pooya Ghassemian
Administrative Coordinator for
Judiciary & Budget Committee


Shahrzad Arjomandi
Administrative Coordinator for
Events Committee


Nina Alavi
Administrative Coordinator for
Publicity Committee


Drew Yearwood
Administrative Coordinator for
Inter-Club Council

Matthew Maclaine
Administrative Coordinator for
Veterans Student Council


Shivano Khosla
Administrative Coordinator for
International & Diversity
Student Council


Chantelle Gil
Administrative Coordinator for
Honors Student Council




Committee Meeting Agenda & Minutes

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