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Excitement fills the air as each new semester begins.  Students come to Saddleback College knowing that they are on their way to creating a more successful and fulfilling future.  They register for classes, buy their books and supplies, get acquainted with the campus and locate their classrooms.  Dreams of transferring to a four year institution or gaining the skills they need to further their careers are formed. 

With all of this excitement come many concerns: Am I going to be successful in my classes?  How am I going to balance college and my other responsibilities?  Will I be able to enroll in the classes I need to graduate? And the biggest one – how am I going to pay for college?  With 24% of our student population (approximately 5,000 individuals) qualifying for financial aid - and thousands more who are not eligible for aid but struggle to make ends meet, this is a serious question that many must ask.  Fortunately, donors like you have helped many of these students succeed.

Last year, 141 donors contributed nearly $510,000 in scholarship dollars awarded to 326 students.  It was a record breaking year for Saddleback College Foundation, but there was still a tremendous amount of unmet need.  By making a scholarship gift, you will enable students to focus on their classes, which leads to higher success rates and ultimately a brighter future for the individual and our community.

If you have any questions, please contact the Saddleback College Foundation at 949-582-4479 or  There are endless opportunities to make an impact on our community by contributing to the Saddleback College Foundation Scholarship Program.  Please consider investing in the future by clicking on the link below and contributing to the success of our students.



2013 Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Single Mother, Honors Student, Scholarship Recipient, Saddleback College Graduate, UC Irvine Transfer Student.  Read Alexis Petrovich's moving story, recognized at the 2012 Saddleback College Scholarship Ceremony. Watch a video of her moving speech here