Semester Procedures

Getting Started:

map_48.png Campus Map You may be scheduled to teach in classrooms throughout the campus.  Use the map to locate your classrooms.
car_green_48.png Campus Parking Parking is always challenging during the first 2 or 3 weeks of the semester.  Be sure to get your parking permit in advance and plan where best to park for your classes.
Saddleback Email
Faculty Email All faculty members are issued an official email address.  Most college announcements and pertinent information will be sent to you via this address.  Follow these Instructions  if you wish to forward your emails to a different address.
Vacation_Email.png Student Email

All students are issued an official email address.  As an instructor, you can send announcements and pertinent information to your class via our group email system via MySite or at sp(ticket #)  Example:

MySite The primary portal for information at Saddleback College is MySite.  Via MySite, you can see your class schedule, get your class rosters, generate Add Permit Codes, check emails, submit grades, verify leave balances, review your pay stubs, and numerous other functions.
Redman Faculty Profiles Faculty Website The Faculty Website is a great way for you to communicate with your students during the registration process.  You can post your bio, class syllabus, and any other important class information on this site. To create or update your Faculty Website, go to,/user.
Web icon Class Website During the registration process, students are "shopping" around for classes.  To help students make an informed decision about your classes, you can create a "class website" and post such information as a sample syllabus, and announcements about your class. This website can be linked from your Faculty Website.  To create a class website, contact
Course Syllabus Your course syllabus is your contract with your students.  Be proactive.  Create a course syllabus that carefully outlines your expectations.
Textbook Orders - Online Adoption As you begin to order texbooks and other instructional materials for your classes, work closely with the textbook publishers and your department chairperson/division dean.  You can order your textbooks online through the College Bookstore.  Your textbook order will be posted on the online class schedule.
copy_48.png Copy Center To copy course materials for your classes, you may use the copiers in the divisions as well as the Saddleback College Copy Center.
saddleback_2.jpg Employee Idenitificaiton Card You are required to have a photo identification/swipe card.  This card will enable you to use the duplicating machines, enter certain areas of the campus during restricted hours, receive a discount at the bookstore, among other privileges.  Your card can be obtained through Admissions and Records.
New Faculty - Campus Technology Tools and Services Saddleback College has a wide variety of technology tools and services.  Be sure to go to our Faculty Center in BGS 249: Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) and Center for Instructional Design and Distance Education (CIDDE).
Saddleback Blackboard
Blackboard - Quick Reference Saddleback's courses are powered by Blackboard.  Blackboard is a course management system designed to present course content - either in a full online, hybrid or enhanced way.  Only students enrolled in your class can see the content on Blackboard.  Course shells are created automatically by ticket number.  To log into Blackboard, you will need to have a Saddleback College account.
Class_Website.png Class Roster Your class roster is posted online via MySite. Your class will officially close for open enrollment about 24 hours before the first class session. Download your class roster within the 24 hours prior to your first class session.
APC_Download.png Add Permit Codes The Add Permit Code (APC) is an electronic method for students to add your class with your approval during the registration process and until the code expiration date.  Access your class Add Permits Codes (APC) via MySite.
VoiceMail.png Voicemail Box You will receive a college telephone extension. Overall, the best way to communicate with your students is via email as it will provide you with written documenation of your exchange.  You may simply want to put a greeting on your voicemail box referring students to your email address.
audiovisual.png Audio Visual Equipment Most classrooms are fully equipped with audio visual equipment.  Be sure to check out this equipment before your first class session. Find out what is in your classroom and how to use it.  The equipment will vary from classroom to classroom.
Vacation_Email.png Auto-Reply on Email During your vacation time, students will contact you by email about your grades and getting into your classes.  To avoid frustration for both you and the students, you may want to add a "vacation" message via Exchange.
Division Offices.png Academic Divisions It is very important to stay connected with your department chairpersons and division dean.

Important extension numbers:

  • Emergency (Campus Police) - 949.582.4444
  • Emergency (Student Health Center/Crises Intervention) - 949.582.4606
  • Audio Visual - 949.582.4520
  • Campus Safety - 949.582.4585
  • Technology Support - 949.582.4456