Child Care/Preschool Information


Our philosophy includes providing a safe environment and quality child care. Our belief in the development of the whole Children playing with teacherchild extends to all areas of our program. We incorporate several theories of learning and development which influence our program structure and teaching methodologies. We believe that play is the primary vehicle through which children learn. We offer children a variety of experiences and activities designed to give them opportunities for self-discovery, exploration and the feedom to create within a safe environment. We view the child as a whole, and plan for experiences that facilitate the child's physical, social, creative, emotional, and intellectual growth; and strive to have them experience success in whatever they attempt. The Center also provides a unique learning environment for adult college students, which encompasses the educational goals set forth by the South Orange County Community College District.


The purpose of the Center program is to provide:

  • A service that welcomes the needs of the family
  • A safe and secure environment
  • Quality care for the children
  • A positive atmosphere
  • The opportunity for your child to learn through play and planned activities
  • The opportunity to develop and achieve as an individual
  • An anti-biased, multi-cultural environment where children feel pride in their family and ethnic background
  • A demonstration model for adult college students
We offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of Saddleback College students and staff, and residents of the community including 2, 3, 4 and 5 half day and full days per week.

Our program:

  • Provides qualified staff to assist in the care of the children
  • Serves nutritious snacks
  • Keeps records on each child's growth and development
  • Makes resource referrals for vocational or personal counseling upon request
  • Offers parent conferences



  • Help your child to enhance his/her sense of self-worth and self-being
  • Provide daily opportunity for your child to develop and use basic skills needed for daily living and later responsibilities
  • Use your child's interests and concerns in planning activities for further growth
  • Enable your child to create and discover
  • Encourage your child's participation in learning through the use of various materials and activities
  • Help your child practice good personal health, safety and nutritional habits
  • Give your child personalized attention
  • Give your child opportunities to develop responsibility, independence, self-direction and self control
  • Extend your child's awareness of his/her environment
  • Help your child develop his/her ability to relate to others
  • Help parents recognize and reinforce behaviors which lead to the acquistion of social, physical and cognitive skills
  • Serves as a demonstration model for adult college students in order to enhance their understanding of child growth and development through participation in a classroom setting
  • Provide a service to the college and the community